This page lists the most frequently asked questions that we receive from applicants. Please go through the list provided below and the help section before contacting Admission Office with your queries.

How can I apply for admission online?

Start filling your application online. The application requires filling out your personal, academic, work information etc. You can complete your application in multiple sessions, as long as you keep saving your work. Please visit the help page to understand how online applications work.

Can I update my application after submission?

You can not update your application once it has been submitted. However, you may update at any point before the final submission.

How can I submit my documents?

You can send your documents through courier or drop it off by hand to the SZABIST Dubai Campus, 6th floor, Block 10, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai. .

How can I submit the application processing fee?

Please send all required documents and enclose , as per following applicable amounts:

1. Dhs 100/- or

2. $ 35/-

Note: Your application will not be processed until all required documents, application processing fee and recommendation letters (if required) reach the Admission Office on or before Form Submission deadline.

How can I get Admit Card or Interview Slip?

You can print the Admit Card / Interview Slip using SZABIST Admission System after completing your application form. Admit Card / Interview Slip can only be printed after the Admission Office approves your application. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print all documents.

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

Applicants are required to submit the letter of recommendation that is available for download. Ask each of your refrees to send the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope to the Admission Office. Alternatively, your refrees can Fax the recommendation letter to the Admission Office at +971 4 3664607. Please remember to mention your Application Id on the envelope or in the Fax. For further details please read the References Section in the help.

How can I know the documents required to submit to the Admission Office?

You can view the list of required documents on the "Checklist" page.

How can I check my application status?

You can check your application status by signing into the SZABIST Admission System.

How can I communicate with Admission Office?

You can contact the admission office through

1) Use the messaging option / message box available on admission website.

This is the most preferred method .please mention your program of interest in the subject line.

2) You can send e-mail at

3) You can contact the admission office at +971 4 3664601

4) You can visit the admission office at SZABIST Dubai Campus, 6th floor, Block 10, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai..

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change the password through the option available at website.

What is the last date of payment of fee?

Please refer to your admission letter.

Is any portion of this fee is refundable in case of withdrawal from admission?

No, after the commencement of classes there will be no refund of fee. Please refer to students handbook for further details.

Can this fee be transferred to next semester/quarter?

Yes, provided student has the Program Manager's approval.

Can I enroll for lesser number of courses?

The course load for each semester/quarter/year is defined in the prospectus or information brochure. Less course load can, only be allowed subject to the  Program Manager’s approval.

My application has been Rejected, what should I do?

Admission officer rejects only those applications that do not meet the admission requirements. The decision is based on information provided by the applicant on the application form. Please go through the Admission Officer remarks; for further clarification contact Admission office.

How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?

If javascript is not available (or turned off) in your browser you will be notificed about this on your home page. There are numerous resources on the internet that can help you in turning on javascript. Please consult these links: Link 1, Link 2. A more comprehensive explanation convering multiple browsers can be found on this page.